8 Man Offense

Never Be Outschemed

Offensive 8 Man Football Philosophy

Football is a perfection combination of speed, power, and strategy. Teamwork and the ability to score points are crucial elements that separate the winners from the losers. In the 8 Man Football game, opportunities to score points are hardly few and far between. With a smaller number of players utilizing nearly the same size field, there is more difficulty in wrangling ball-carriers by committee. 

Some 8 man offensive football coaches prefer to spread their players out, counting on the defense to miss tackles. Others cram everyone together, anticipating breakaway runs that lead to touchdowns. There is no right or wrong, there are simply different styles of eight man offense. Which one you and your coaching staff choose depends on you and your personnel. Check out our most popular downloads below for fast ways to improve single facets of your game or check out our entire offensive playbooks if you're starting from scratch. 

Most Popular Downloads

No two teams are the same, however X's and O's are always transferrable. Use these downloads to spice up your offensive arsenal or create a new set of plays altogether. Offense, as with many sports, allows for some creativity. If your offensive setup doesn't look exactly like what you see in these playbooks, adjust them to fit your team's strengths. But keep in mind, everything drawn up has been calculated to maximize your chances of scoring. If you do make adjustments, understand why you're making them and how said changes will help your team get closer to the endzone.