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Welcome to 8 Man Offense - Now, Let's Start Scoring

Mike McCannComment

8 Man Offense is a spin off from the original site, 8ManDefense.com. After seeing the need and a successful operation over there, we decided to bring our knowledge of the 8 Man Football game to the offensive side of the operation. 

8 Man Offense will provide a number of offensive components of the game: passing plays, running plays, offensive line techniques, complete offenses, and much more. Each football team has it's own unique needs and no two teams are just alike. We know this, we are coaches just like you. That being said, we have broken down the components of the offensive system into bit size chunks. We have done this to will allow you and your staff to consume the content at an easy rate. 

If there is ever something you and your staff would like to see from 8 Man Offense, don't hesitate to contact us with details about your dilemma. We'll do our best to update you here on the blog OR help you figure out a custom solution together. Our goal is to help you and your team score more points and never be outschemed

If you have questions about the defensive side of the ball or the special teams game, head over to 8ManDefense.com for more on the other side of the ball. 

- Coach McCann
8 Man Offense